Agricultural Loan


ADCC Bank offers a range of agriculture loans. Investment credit leads to capital formation through asset creation. It induces technological upgradation resulting in increased production, productivity and incremental income to farmers and entrepreneurs.

Loan Type Loan Limit Per annum
interest rate
Loan Tenure
1. Short Term Agricultural Crop Loan Rs. 5 Lakh 6% 1 year
2. Nanaji Deshmukh (Pokra) Agricultural Sanjeevani Scheme 90% of Total Project’s Cost 12% 7 years
3. A.Electric Motor— Construction Cost (with accessories)
1. “3” Horsepower
2. “5” Horsepower
3. “7.5” Horsepower
Rs. 20,000
Rs. 30,000
Rs. 35,000
13% 5 years
4. Pipe Line Per Acre Rs. 20,000 90% of the Quotation Submitted by the Member or maximum Rs. 1,00,000 per Member 13% 5 years
5. Sprinkler Rs. 4000 per acre or maximum Rs20,000 13% 5 years
6. Drip Irrigation Scheme As per crop cost or 90% of rate card 13% 5 years
7. A) Tractor-Titsubishi, M.T. 180 D (18 HP) Tractor without Rotary one piece Rs. 2.52 Lakh 13% 5 years
B) Power Tiller VST Shakti 130 DI Power Tiller with Rotary one piece Rs. 1.28 Lakh 75% of the Rate Card, Maximum
limit Rs2.50 Lakh
8. Big Tractor 35 HP Or 45 HP Tractor 75% of the Quotation or maximum Rs. 6 Lakh 13% 5 years


  • Simplified documentation.
  • Easy and convenient loan.
  • No hidden charges..
  • Quick processing.

Documents Required

  • 7/12 of the land.
  • Aadhar card.
  • other documents required by the Bank.

Terms And Conditions

  • Terms and conditions of the scheme are subject to revision, for details contact nearest branch.

Range Of Agriculture Loans

Term Loan

You can use our overdraft facility to meet the cost of cultivation and working capital activities for farming and allied activities.

Term Loan

The medium-term loan helps you finance expansion and establishment projects with the goal of increasing production capacity.

Term Loan

It is intended to create income generating assets in the following sectors like Artisans, small scale industries, Non-Farm Sector etc.

Term Loan

Direct and guaranteed farm loans provide a crucial source of capital for beginning farmers and others not well served by commercial credit.